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Shropshire Rivers Hub – A-Z Shropshire Rivers – River Clun

This September we explored the River Clun, known for being one of the most tranquil and peaceful rivers in Shropshire. At nearly 30 miles long the Clun supports an abundance of aquatic life including a global rarity- the freshwater pearl mussel. Despite the abundance of aquatic life the freshwater pearl mussel has sadly seen a drastic decline in numbers possibly due to sedimentation that has impacted the quality of the habitat.

The Clun takes an interesting journey beginning at the hamlet of Anchor before winding its way down to join the river Teme at Leintwardine. On our recent survey we found plenty of fish including the renowned brown trout, bullhead and an abundance of fry, plus aquatic invertebrates including flattened mayfly, shrimp and caddis fly larvae. However, on closer inspection, the river Clun showed slightly high potassium levels which may due to a number of sources such as nutrient runoff.

Above is the first entry in our A-Z Shropshire rivers project. Like the river Clun, other rivers can hold an array of wildlife. They can have personal meaning or provide memories. That is why we would love if you would able to capture that in a picture and send it in to us so we can explore the river around you.

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We are still encouraging people to report otters if any have been seen. You can do this by emailing the following the link:…

To help support the development of the Shropshire Rivers Hub, the Rivers Team are planning to organise talks, training and river walks across the Shropshire and Telford. We aim to improve the information we provide on our website and provide support for the creation of a network of volunteer river guardians for Shropshire.

To help with any river and freshwater ecology  enquires we have set up a dedicated  email , please note the Rivers Team may take longer with your enquiries as they are out frequently but get back to you we will.

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