Monkmoor Meadows Masterplan

Tuesday 6th March 2018

The final design for the Monkmoor Meadows in Shrewsbury has been officially revealed.

A masterplan for Monkmoor Meadows in Shrewsbury has been prepared by Coalport-based landscape architecture, ecology and greenspace consultants, Red Kite Network. The consultants were appointed by Shropshire Wildlife Trust in October 2017 to develop proposals to enhance the ecological value and access provision of the river-side Site.

The 4ha Site is located on the banks of the River Severn in the Monkmoor area of Shrewsbury, and covers the expanse of grassland from the Monkmoor Community Woodland in the west to the underpass of the A49 in the east. The Site is owned and maintained by Shrewsbury Town Council, and is a popular public greenspace for local residents, dogwalkers and anglers.

Red Kite, in partnership with Shrewsbury Town Council and Shropshire Wildlife Trust, carried out public consultation in November and December 2017, asking local residents and stakeholders to input into the Monkmoor Meadows project. The results from the surveys, drop-in sessions and stakeholder meetings informed the final proposals for the Site.

Red Kite’s proposals for Monkmoor Meadows aim to enhance the biodiversity value and natural flood management function of the Site, whilst also improving its accessibility to enable more members of the local community to use and enjoy the Site. Key features of the proposals include:

  • A mosaic of ponds, scrapes and wet meadows will attenuate and filter flood waters, as well as provide a valuable habitat for birds and invertebrates.
  • Woodland margin planting will soften the edges of the Site and provide greater habitat connectivity between the Monkmoor Lagoon Nature Reserve and the River Severn.
  • Angling provision will be improved through the installation of new fishing platforms.
  • Interpretation boards will inform visitors about the ecological value of the Site.
  • A new surfaced path and bridge will provide a short accessible walking route around the Monkmoor Community Woodland and Monkmoor Meadows.
  • New seating will provide opportunities to rest and enjoy the Site with friends and family.
  • Dedicated habitats will be created for some of the Site’s species, including backwaters for fish spawning, bat boxes, and hibernaculums for amphibians and reptiles.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Shrewsbury Town Council are now seeking to secure funding to deliver the works.

A presentation can be downloaded below.


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