Shropshire Wildlife Trust's Welcome Back Pack (Covid-19)

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Please help us protect others by following the instructions in this pack.

Welcome back

Shropshire Wildlife Trust is at the heart of many of our communities and in normal times we would welcome tens of thousands of people each year to our:

  • 40 nature reserves across Shropshire & Telford,
  • Shrewsbury visitor centre and café, and
  • Hundreds of events for families, individuals and businesses at sites across the region.

Paramount at the current time is the health and safety of our numerous stakeholders, therefore we are sharing here how Shropshire Wildlife Trust is working to ensure you feel comfortable interacting with us, safely and this Covid-19 ‘Welcome Back’ helps to explain the steps we have taken.

Our reserves remained open and well used: With nature proven to help health and wellness we are working to keep sites safe and accessible for everyone.

Visitor centre and café: These remain closed, although we are ready to re-open as soon as the virus is under control.  We do have an online shop/telephone ordering service - please visit 

Events: Face to face events have ceased, though we are continuing with digital events form individuals, families and businesses. Please see our web pages for details:

Staff: We remain working, for instance delivering topical Wednesday podcasts (available on our You Tube channel) and promoting Wildlife Trust campaigns via our social media channels.  Others have been managing our sites, numerous nature-based projects and maintaining our buildings, IT and financial systems.  Others have continued our work on memberships, the back bone of how our work is supported.

Volunteers and branches: Without you, much of our work cannot be accomplished.  Many began to return through 2020 to some level of activity but with new January 2021 restrictions we have ceased most of our regular engagements.

We want to welcome everyone back and our approaches are likely to evolve and therefore this pack updated.  We welcome your feedback and please feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions for improvement.  To everyone who supports Shropshire Wildlife Trust, we thank you sincerely.

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