Shrewsbury green network under threat

Courtesy of Friends of Radbrook Green, Shrewsbury.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust has formally objected to a proposal to build 52 houses on a designated Wildlife Site at Radbrook Fields, Shrewsbury.

“We are deeply concerned about this planning application, which threatens to destroy precious wildlife habitat in the heart of Shrewsbury in an area much-loved and used by local people,” said Robin Mager, Planning Officer at Shropshire Wildlife Trust. 

This beautiful swathe of land is hugely valuable for its unimproved grassland, its trees and its wildlife - it is a great foraging area for birds, bats, amphibians and small mammals. It is also a crucial part of the network of green and natural space around the town. Radbrook Fields provides wildlife with the opportunity to move and mingle, preventing fragmentation of habitats and isolation of species populations.” This site has not been allocated for development in the local plan and lies outside the Shrewsbury development boundary, so this proposal is entirely inappropriate. 

“To grant permission for housing development here would run entirely against the aspirations espoused in Shrewsbury’s recently published Big Town Plan, developed by Shrewsbury Business Improvement District, Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council . Goal 8 states: “We want to make this green town greener still”.  This enlightened approach is developed further in the four key themes for the town’s future, one of which is Nurturing Natural Shrewsbury.  The text in the document reads:  “We want our Big Green Plan to improve the health and wellbeing of people in the town by promoting walking, cycling, greater enjoyment of outdoor space and greater access to the countryside.”

“No sooner have these visionary words about the future of Shrewsbury been written than along comes a serious threat to our cherished green network,” said Robin Mager. “Should the planning authority be minded to grant permission for this application it would seriously undermine any remaining confidence in the planning system.”

Sign the petition against the development by clicking here.