Shropshire pine martens

Pine martens in south Shropshire

Our pine marten project aims to research the pine marten population in south Shropshire and protect their habitat.

The population was discovered unexpectedly after the first ever photograph of a wild pine marten in Shropshire was taken by local wildlife recorder Dave Pearce in the the Clun Valley. Since the photo was taken, our resident pine marten enthusiast Stuart Edmunds has captured astounding footage of a number of pine martens in the same area. 

At least 9 individuals have been filmed on camera traps in Shropshire since 2015 and in 2017, young pine martens have been recorded, which would suggest that we have a breeding population in the county. 

Get involved!

Join the pine marten team to see how cameras are being used to monitor these elusive creatures

Pine martens are very hard to spot, but with some guidance, anyone can make the effort to go out to see a pine marten in the wild. The pine marten experience offers an interesting insight into the monitoring work taking place in Shropshire and offer some introductory training in pine marten tracking. Numbers are limited and we ask for a donation to the project by all participants. Please note that night time stake outs have now finished until next Spring

To express an interest in the walks, please email All proceeds received will fund the project beyond 2018.

The project also aims to raise awareness of these elusive mammals, through talks, school visits and liaison with local landowners. We want to give the pine martens the best possible chance of surviving and will work hard to protect the woodlands upon which they depend, while improving the potential for them to breed by offering safe den boxes across a wide area.

Donate today!

Donations to the project will allow:

  1. Continued deployment of trail cameras
  2. Volunteer searches for pine marten scat
  3. Use of a trained pine marten scat detection dog
  4. Installation of 100 pine marten den boxes
  5. Installation and weekly checking of hair sample collection tubes
  6. Working with local landowners
  7. Raising awareness of martens in Shropshire

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