Mass lobby crew with banner London

Shropshire lobbies London

School children, farmers, grandparents and surfers were amongst an estimated 12,000 people who today lobbied their MPs for urgent action on nature declines and climate change.

Water vole looking up

EU Elections Manifestos

With the EU Elections looming, The Wildlife Trusts have put together a brief summary of the political party manifestos that have been released so far (Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Greens).…

Photograph by Kate Evens - Catherton Common

Climate emergency

Our natural world is in a critical condition. Whilst we have secured some laws for protection in the UK and the EU, these are rarely well enforced and do not provide for nature’s recovery. The…


Shrewsbury North West Relief Road

Partial funding for a new road between Shelton and Ellesmere Road (near Shrewsbury Audi) has been offered by the government leaving Shropshire Council Tax payers to find the remainder.  Total…