Wildlife at home

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Wildlife at home

Together, our gardens are a vast living landscape. With an estimated 24 million gardens in the UK, the way they are cared for can make a big difference to the natural world. Large or small, ledge or yard, your garden can be a mosaic in a wider network of natural havens linking urban green spaces with nature reserves and the countryside.

Hedgehogs, bats, sparrows, song thrushes and stag beetles are all declining species in the UK, but if we manage our gardens to benefit wildlife, these creatures and many more will find refuge. Discover a whole host of wild ideas and features below – or just pick one and then sit back, enjoy the view and see who visits! 

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Wild about gardening

Simple actions


From building a bug hotel to creating a garden pond, here are some ideas for things you can do yourself to help wildlife. 

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Wild about gardens

Gardening Guides

By gardening sympathetically for wildlife, you’ll be rewarded by a truly natural outdoor space, where you can get in touch with the plants, animals and birds that make their home there.

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