Our work

Our work

Protecting Shropshire's unique landscape

Stephen Barlow

We strive to give wildlife and wild places the chance to thrive across Shropshire.

Our purpose is to stimulate nature recovery across Shropshire. 

Nature reserves are at the core of this, places where wildlife flourishes in magnificent variety. Ancient woods, flower-rich grasslands,  wetlands and heathland - our nature reserves provide habitats for a wide range of wildlife. They all need managing to ensure the survival of their uniquely interesting characteristics.

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We also work with many other organisations and individuals to restore and protect wild habitats in town and country, for the benefit of both wildlife and people.

The Trust has a dedicated team of conservation staff, supported by many skilled and enthusiastic volunteers, who carry out practical management and wildlife surveys, to ensure that our work is making a positive difference.  

Our work

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We have a long history of campaigning for positive change for nature and people. 

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Our work

Marches Mosses BogLIFE project

Working in partnership with Natural England and Natural Resources Wales, we are restoring 665ha of Britain’s 3rd largest lowland raised peatbog, located in North Shropshire, with the goal of making them healthy, functioning eco-systems once again

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The Mosses (c) Stephen Barlow

Our work

Protecting Shropshire's Rivers

Our vision is to see our wonderful wild water, in both urban and rural areas, thrive and flourish bringing lots of different benefits to people and wildlife. 

We run numerous river focused projects as well as highlighting the threats and challenges they face and what can be done to help.

Find out more about how we are improving the health of Shropshire's blue network

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Bringing people closer to nature

We're inspiring people across Shropshire to connect with their local wildlife, from our tiny toddler Wildlings to our most dedicated volunteers. We're helping everybody who is engaged with nature to take action and speak up on its behalf.

A society where nature matters is wilder, healthier, and happier.

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Our hard work to protect Shropshire's special wildlife and landscape for the benefit of everyone must continue.

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River otter (lutra lutra) (c) Luke Massey/2020VISION