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Feed the birds

Bob Coyle

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A befriending scheme for bird lovers

Feed the Birds is a project we have been delivering since 2018. The concept is simple. We train volunteers who are then matched with someone within their local community, referred to us by a health organisation. Each week the volunteer will visit the beneficiary at their home, to chat about the garden wildlife, top up and clean feeders.

Feed the Birds was an idea that came from a Trustee, who saw his late mother visiting neighbours to top up bird feeders when they were unable to. He saw the joy this brought to those who found it difficult to get out regularly and use green spaces. Bird watching is one of the most simplest ways to engage with the nature.

A trial project allowed us to understand and see the full benefits this project has for those who are lonely. We have seen new friendships and people helping each other through a joint love of wildlife. We are currently delivering a two year project across Shropshire funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and Garfield Weston Foundation.

Project impact

It has become apparent that having a regular visit from a friendly face who is not a health professional, chatting about a shared interest, doing something positive and taking responsibility for the birds builds confidence, provides enjoyment and contributes to improved health and wellbeing.

We are also feeding bird sightings into the national databases to help research into bird trends across the country.

Can you spare an hour a week helping someone living alone to feed the birds in their garden?

If so, contact us about becoming a Feed the Birds volunteer.

Is there someone you know who is living alone and struggling to get out and feed the birds?

If so, they might benefit from a Feed the Birds volunteer.

Ben Hall

Contact details

Diane Monether , Feed the Birds Project Officer

Tel 01743 284271, or email

For further information about volunteering with the project, click here.

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