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Supporting us by becoming a member is secure and hassle free - and it can cost as little as £1.50 per month (for one year). We would prefer Direct Debit as it keeps administration costs down and allows us to spend more on wildlife.


Simply click on the button to join today! You could also buy membership as a gift for someone- simply select the "this is a gift" option on the membership form after selecting your preferred membership type (standard or family).

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Supporting Shropshire Wildlife Trust helps ensure a future for the county's wildlife and wild places in town and country. We are the county's leading environmental charity, with over 11,000 members, strength in numbers that makes us an increasingly effective champion for local wildlife. Our members play a vital part in everything we do.

By joining us you can support local wildlife, get involved with activities and events and become part of a growing community of like minded people striving for a better Shropshire.

Standard membership offers you the following benefits:

  • Free entry to 40 nature reserves
  • Shropshire Wildlife magazine three times a year
  • An events booklet full of guided walks, talks and special events
  • Opportunities to help look after nature reserves
  • Exclusive entry to member-only events.

Or you might like to sign up for family membership with Wildlife Watch:

This includes everything in the standard membership plus:

WW Awards

Wildlife Watchers get loads of wildlife goodies!

  • A Wildlife Watcher's Handbook 

  • A poster bursting with amazing animals

  • A sheet of fantastic wildlife stickers

  • A Wildlife Watcher badge

  • Four Wildlife Watchers magazines a year

  • Family member only events and wild encounters. Please follow link to the member exclusives page.

  • Wildlife Watchers can earn special awards by taking part in Shropshire Wildlife Trust events!

How your membership helps wildlife in Shropshire:

We rely on the generosity of our members to help fund all of our conservation and education work. We will use your membership where it is needed most, be it creating a butterfly glade in the Oswestry Hills, restoring a carbon capturing peatland in the Meres and Mosses, campaigning for better protection for wildlife in new developments across the county or going into schools to help the next generation understand the importance of our unique landscape.