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Paul Hobson

Blue tit and apple

Autumn wildlife gardening

Autumn is traditionally the time to tidy up your garden, ‘putting it to bed for winter’ as my grandfather would say. Times and attitudes have changed, and I’d like to put in a big plea for not…

John Hawkins

Entering Autumn with Hedgehogs in mind

As the leaves start to fall and the weather turns colder, it is a vital time for hedgehogs, working hard to fatten up throughout autumn, ready for their long winter sleep.


Nature & Health - Holly Jones

Holly is currently on a traineeship with us, monitoring wildlife across Shropshire.

In her inspiring blog, she describes how reconnecting with nature has helped her through difficult times…


Finding fossils

Geology’s fascinating – but complicated. I’ve always yearned to find out more, which is why I took a course in it about 25 years ago. It was a Birmingham University extramural course, and even had…

John and Matt Baker

My country file

Managing communications, as I do, for Shropshire Wildlife Trust I receive countless requests from media companies. But the one I always take very seriously is when Countryfile comes calling.