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Blue tit and apple

Autumn wildlife gardening

Autumn is traditionally the time to tidy up your garden, ‘putting it to bed for winter’ as my grandfather would say. Times and attitudes have changed, and I’d like to put in a big plea for not…

Autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves

Our best natural autumn spectacle is the changing colour of leaves in our woodlands. But why does this happen?

Dormouse in hand

The dormouse blog

Believe it or not, there is an animal in Shropshire that spends more of its time sleeping than I do. During the course of one year, they spend up to 9 months of their time fast asleep or resting.…

Painted Lady - Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

Late summer butterflies

With summer quickly heading towards Autumn the nights are starting to draw in and many of our borders are beginning to flag after flowering all summer. However, we still need to give wildlife a…



These wonderfully juicy berries cover hedgerows in late summer, and are loved by insects and mammals including squirrels and badgers who disperse the seeds. Discover more about blackberries,…

Wild angelica

Wildflowers at Sweeney Fen

Sweeney Fen hosts a very rare habitat for Shropshire – calcareous fen. Here base-rich water seeps from the limestone bedrock into the peat. Though small, the site is extremely diverse and, with…