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Paul Hobson

Emperor dragonfly

Damsels and dragons

Mid summer is a great time to go out in search of odanata: the group of insects that is made up of dragonflies and damselflies. Often a misunderstood (and feared) group of insects, odonata are…


Hedgerow highways

Agricultural land covers 70% of the English landscape but historically, land redesigned by humans has greatly benefitted wildlife.


Elderflower champagne

The elderflowers are just starting to come out and will be around the whole of June. It’s one of our commonest hedgerow shrubs, so it can spare a few flower heads for you to make this delicious…


Bluebells in Spring

There is nothing quite so magical as stepping into a wood in early May, and finding yourself in a sea of bluebells. Dr Cath explains more about their history, how to spot non-native bluebells and…

House sparrow

House Sparrows

House sparrows have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. Our Engagement Officer Dr Cath, explains more about them.