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Paul Hobson



Elderflower champagne

The elderflowers are just starting to come out and will be around the whole of June. It’s one of our commonest hedgerow shrubs, so it can spare a few flower heads for you to make this delicious…

Wild daffodil


Daffodils are a welcome sign of spring, particularly for our garden expert John Hughes. However, the daffodils that adorn our parks and roadsides are garden varieties, with the truly Wild daffodil…



One of the staples of Christmas decoration, mistletoe is a fascinating plant with a weird ecology, folklore and cultivation. Let’s explore it further.


Finding fossils

Geology’s fascinating – but complicated. I’ve always yearned to find out more, which is why I took a course in it about 25 years ago. It was a Birmingham University extramural course, and even had…

John and Matt Baker

My country file

Managing communications, as I do, for Shropshire Wildlife Trust I receive countless requests from media companies. But the one I always take very seriously is when Countryfile comes calling.

John Hughes garden

A Greek god in my garden

My garden is at its best in spring. In no small part this is due to the Farley by-pass. Farley is a tiny hamlet between Much Wenlock and Buildwas. The narrow road through Farley was blighted with…

Shrewsbury floods with swans in foreground

Flooding - it's only natural

As Shropshire reels in the face of another flood surge it’s time to think about the causes and solutions. All too often we forget that rivers are natural systems, with most having followed their…