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Painted Lady - Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

Late summer butterflies

With summer quickly heading towards Autumn the nights are starting to draw in and many of our borders are beginning to flag after flowering all summer. However, we still need to give wildlife a…



These wonderfully juicy berries cover hedgerows in late summer, and are loved by insects and mammals including squirrels and badgers who disperse the seeds. Discover more about blackberries,…

Walking Stiperstones

Wild Staycations

Have you decided to holiday closer to home this year? Here are some tips for having a wild week away (or even a feral fortnight) without the stress of air travel.

Blue tit drinking

High summer in the wildlife garden

We all enjoy a spell of hot weather – out in the garden with a cool drink, barbeques with friends and long evenings as the day cools down, enjoying the scent of the honeysuckle. Hot weather can be…

Emperor dragonfly

Damsels and dragons

Mid summer is a great time to go out in search of odanata: the group of insects that is made up of dragonflies and damselflies. Often a misunderstood (and feared) group of insects, odonata are…

Four spotted chaser

Garden ponds for insects

Making a pond in your garden is a marvellous way to attract wildlife, but have you ever thought how vital it might be for insects? Dr Cath explains more ...