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Paul Hobson


Dormouse in hand

The dormouse blog

Believe it or not, there is an animal in Shropshire that spends more of its time sleeping than I do. During the course of one year, they spend up to 9 months of their time fast asleep or resting.…

Emperor dragonfly

Damsels and dragons

Mid summer is a great time to go out in search of odanata: the group of insects that is made up of dragonflies and damselflies. Often a misunderstood (and feared) group of insects, odonata are…


Hedgerow highways

Agricultural land covers 70% of the English landscape but historically, land redesigned by humans has greatly benefitted wildlife.

Badger on camera trap

Spy in the garden

What lurks in the garden at night? Camera traps are a great way of seeing and learning about wildlife, but they can be quite tricky to set up! Our expert Stuart has some great tips to help you…