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River Reflector

River Reflector May 2019

Love Your Magnificent Severn is back! And this year we have more boats, more support and new innovative ideas for collecting and recording litter in our rivers. Join our Rivers Team to help combat…

River Reflector

River Reflector April 2019

Whatever the weather, healthy rivers are always bursting with wildlife. Take a look at why rivers are important and what amazing wildlife can be spotted in and around them by reading this months…

River Reflector

River Reflector March 2019

Hard surfaces such as roads, paths and driveways offer convenient and accessible travel but they can also contribute to surface runoff, removal of green spaces and pollutant build up in our…

River Reflector

River Reflector February 2019

The White clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) is the UK’s only native species of crayfish and is one of our largest freshwater invertebrates. It is currently facing a number of threats…

On the hunt by Richard Holmes

River Reflector January 2019

Have you ever wondered why maggots are different colours? or why killer shrimp are the most damaging invasive species in Western Europe? Read the lastest of the River Reflector for an overview of…