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Tree for birds

Make a Christmas tree for birds

How about creating a Christmas tree with a difference this year, by making decorations that can be eaten by birds! It looks wonderful and will also help support garden wildlife through this…

Hedgehog (c) Tom Marshall

The Big Sleep

When winter is looming and the short, cold days mean we all just want to keep snuggled under the duvet for longer, take a look at the wildlife who has already made best use of this time of year.…

Pied wagtail


Pied wagtails are a familiar sight, trotting busily across car parks and playing fields, but how well do you know all three species of breeding wagtail that live in the UK?

Grey heron

Early breeders - Herons and Ravens

Despite the cold and wet weather, some birds will be beginning their breeding rituals. Herons and ravens are two of the species mating early. Find out more about them here:

Bird feeder Robin

Mid winter wildlife gardening

The shortest days are upon us, and spring may seem a long way off, but there are still jobs we can be getting on with in the wildlife garden. Most important, though, is protecting what’s already…


Talking about Rudolph

Reindeer are the most wintery of species, splendidly adapted to life in the coldest of climates but have you ever wondered about the natural history behind that smug-looking red-nosed creature on…


National Robin Day

Today is #NationalRobinDay! A robin, feathers fluffed out on a snowy twig, will almost certainly feature on several of the Christmas cards you receive – every year. This has been the case since…



One of the staples of Christmas decoration, mistletoe is a fascinating plant with a weird ecology, folklore and cultivation. Let’s explore it further.