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Why do teachers choose Shropshire Wildlife Trust?

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Shropshire Wildlife Trust school sessions


We plan the whole visit for you and provide everything needed, from resources to equipment and risk assessments (including support with 16A forms).

We have the training and knowhow to deliver inspiring, practical, outdoor sessions in wild places or at your school.

Our expert leaders know their mountains from their molehills, are first aid trained and have years of experience in delivering outdoor education.

We understand that school budgets are tight and work with you to ensure our sessions are value for money.

All of our school sessions are carefully planned to achieve curriculum-linked learning outcomes – but the children don’t need to know that!

Shropshire Wildlife Trust Darwin Garden school

Our sessions


Darwin’s World: In this session we use local hero Charles Darwin to bring the ideas of evolution and inheritance to life. See first-hand how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and investigate how adaptation may lead to evolution. An optional visit to Darwin’s childhood garden in Shrewsbury can be included.

Rocks: Make rocks fun with a visit to our geology field station and trailer ride around a working quarry site. Learn about the formation of rocks and fossils. Work scientifically to compare and group together different kinds of rocks by appearance and physical properties. See where sand and gravel is removed from the ground and how it is processed. 

Wonderful Wildlife: In this session we use classification keys to identify, name and group a variety of living things in the local environment. We will focus on minibeasts (either on land or in the pond) to investigate invertebrate classification and explore examples of human impact on the environment. 

Fabulous Food Chains: In this session we use our large collection of animal bones and skulls to compare the teeth of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Games and roleplay are used to look at key aspects of food chains, including producers / consumers, predators and prey. 

Secrets of Waste: A unique opportunity to visit the TGG landfill site and recycling facility at Wood Lane. Discover the fascinating story of what happens to our rubbish and compare this with how nature recycles. 

Wild Tribes: A bushcraft and survival session with a historical twist. Join our Celtic warrior, to find your tribe, compete to make the most insulated den, learn how to make fire without matches and cook a tasty treat. Ideal for getting to know your new class in September or as an end of term treat! 


Wonderful Wildlife: In this session we explore the local environment to identify and name a variety of different plants and animals in their habitats. Fun activities introduce simple food chains and build understanding of how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals.

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