A mosaic of meadow, stream and woodland within walking distance of Whitchurch centre.


SY13 1BD
SY13 1BD
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2 hectares

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Car park by Meadowcroft.

Grazing animals



Public footpaths, please keep dogs on a lead.


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Open at all times

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April to July

About the reserve

Nature flows into Whitchurch at Greenfields; its herb-rich pastures luring butterflies, moths and bees. It is a fragment of old farmland, too steep to plough up and change. Follow the figure-of-eight footpath up and down the reserve through wooded patches awash with bluebells in spring and into a sunny glade where green woodpeckers lick ants from anthills.

Pignut, fleabane and cuckoo flower – these once common flowers are not so familiar today, but at Greenfields you can find them. Look, too, for the bright blue flowers of brooklime at the stream’s edges and in marshy areas; and listen for water voles – this is one of the few remaining places in Shropshire where you may still hear them plopping into the water. Please keep dogs under control, especially when livestock are present.   


Turn off the Whitchurch bypass towards the town centre at the roundabout with the A525 [Wrexham road]. Take the first left and left again at the mini-roundabout into the car park off Meadowcroft. From the car park, walk down the bank and follow the footpath towards the town centre past a picnic area. The reserve is across the brook from this path. When you reach a road, take a look at the water vole interpretation panel before turning to your left, The reserve entrance is some 50m along on the left.

Contact us

Shropshire Wildlife Trust
Contact number: 01743 284280

Environmental designation

Local Nature Reserve (LNR)

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