Holly Banks

Holly Banks

A tranquil landscape with dense hedgerows and grand old ash and oak trees


Between Melverley Green and Edgerley, approximately 14 miles west of Shrewsbury
SY10 8PF
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19 hectares

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April to July

About the reserve

Floods in Shrewsbury and Ironbridge wreak havoc and misery. But floods in the flatlands upriver can be spectacular, transforming the landscape into a different world - and one which suits wildlife beautifully.

The Trust bought Holly Banks with two main aims: to show that this low-lying land could demonstrate alternative water management techniques helping to avoid flooding problems; and to help breeding lapwing. By slowing down the rush of water tumbling off the Welsh mountains, towns downstream may be spared some of the wretchedness of flooding, while wetland birds in the old floodplains where the rivers Severn and Vyrnwy meet might be given a chance of recovery.

Our aim is to keep the ground wet through spring and summer, which will be good for lapwing and curlew; then allow the water to seep away in the autumn, so it's ready to soak up winter floodwater.

Directions: Holly Banks lies between Melverley Green and Edgerley, approximately 14 miles west of Shrewsbury.  

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