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Bird feeder starling

Make your own fat block for the birds

Clearing out your fridge after Christmas? Some leftovers can be used to feed the birds, but be careful what you put out. Whilst there might be some real treats in there, some foods are unsuitable…


Talking about Rudolph

Reindeer are the most wintery of species, splendidly adapted to life in the coldest of climates but have you ever wondered about the natural history behind that smug-looking red-nosed creature on…


National Robin Day

Today is #NationalRobinDay! A robin, feathers fluffed out on a snowy twig, will almost certainly feature on several of the Christmas cards you receive – every year. This has been the case since…



One of the staples of Christmas decoration, mistletoe is a fascinating plant with a weird ecology, folklore and cultivation. Let’s explore it further.

Tree for birds

Make a Christmas tree for birds

Staff member Cath has a Christmas tree with a difference this year - all the decorations can be eaten by birds! It looks wonderful and will also help support garden wildlife through this difficult…

Christmas presents

Have an eco-Christmas!

Reduce your carbon footprint this season without skimping on Christmas magic. Here are a few tips to help you have a more sustainable, greener Christmas, to help our environment.