River Friendly Shropshire

River Friendly Shropshire

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River Friendly Shropshire

The county of Shropshire has over 3,846 miles of water course from the tiniest of brooks to the mighty Magnificent Severn. This arterial network supplies our drinking water and supports a diverse range of wildlife. However, our water environments are degrading fast with less than a fifth of England’s rivers considered healthy. Misconnected drains, plastics, chemical pollution, climate change and surface runoff from roads and farms are just some of the challenges in which make maintaining river health difficult.

However, by frequently monitoring and learning signs of pollution in our waterways, awareness of challenges facing our rivers can be recognised as well as allow necessary action to take place so they can be improved.

What can we do?

Please follow the Govenrment's latest advice and rules with regard to coronavirus. You can undertake some of the activities listed below from your home, e.g. online learning, downloading the app, but other activities such as group litter picks will be on hold for now.

No matter what size your local watercourse is, it needs your protection! You can find out more by using our downloadable resources at the bottom of the page which will help you to understand and identify water pollution in our rivers.

In addition, you can:

Monitor the health of your local watercourse

Join a free event at several locations across Shropshire, to learn how you can assess the quality of your local watercourse.

Find a training session near you

River health checker app

Download our new app onto your phone, record incidents of pollution and help us build up a picture of the state of Shropshires rivers.

Find out more here

Get in touch!

For further advice and support Contact us on our dedicated Shropshire Rivers Hub enquiry line: rivershub@shropshirewildlifetrust.org.uk .

We are also keen to hear about your river wildlife sightings.

Download the attached record sheet and risk assessment to run your own litter clean-up!