Belle Vue Arts Festival: Hedgehog Survey 2020

Our Hedgehog Officer trainee, Kathryn has teamed up with Belle Vue Arts Festival to encourage local residents to get involved with surveying their patch for hedgehogs. Read her blog to find out more.

This year the theme of Belle Vue Arts Festival is Wildlife! Knowing that there is already a small population of hedgehogs in Belle Vue, it provides a perfect opportunity to find out more about them and involve local residents in a 'no contact' project.

Belle Vue Arts Festival

Surveys will begin during National Hedgehog Week (3rd  - 9th May). 

Residents will be asked to fill in an online questionnaire so we can determine if they regularly see hedgehogs in their garden. We will also be looking at how hedgehog friendly gardens are, whether there are gaps for them to roam. Residents will be involved with mapping their boundary which can then be used to create hedgehog highways throughout the local area.

Wolverhampton Hedgehog

Kathryn Jones

If you live in Belle Vue and would like to get involved then please visit .

or email our hedgehog officer trainee:

Follow Kathryn on facebook to find out more about her hedgehog work