Little Wenlock hedgehog project

Amy Lewis

Little Wenlock is a small village and civil parish in Telford, Shropshire. Our hedgehog officer trainee Kathryn Jones has begun a project there to make the area more hedgehog friendly.

(please note that following government guidance staff are working from hom)

Little Wenlock is the first of four areas to be surveyed for hedgehogs.

Local resident Valerie has worked closely with me to produce questionnaires to distribute and post through doors in the village. These will raise awareness of the project and see which homeowners would like to have their gardens surveyed. 

Visits will then be made to survey the garden, assessing any existing hedgehog-friendly garden features as well as using camera traps and footprint tunnels to survey for garden visitors!  Hopefully hedgehogs will be found and we can work with the homeowners to ensure gardens are as friendly as possible and if they aren't present we can help implement features to encourage them, such as fence holes.

Slow Hedgehog sign

(c) Peta Sams

The final addition to the project is a hedgehog road sign kindly given to us by Ludlow’s Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue. These can be put up outside houses, particularly focusing on hot spots where hedgehog road casualties are witnessed.

I am really excited to be involved with this project and will be sharing our survey results. We hope Little Wenlock will be a hedgehog friendly village by the end of the year! 

Thanks to Valerie for some fantastic hedgehog footage from her garden: