Data requests

Data requests

Shropshire Wildlife Trust can provide species records and Local Sites information on behalf of the Shropshire Ecological Data Network (SEDN).

While species data can be accessed free of charge via NBN and Shropshire Ecology websites, Shropshire Wildlife Trust need to cover the costs of preparing and processing the data for commercial requests. For community and academic requests data may be provided free of charge.

In addition to saving time in processing the data, a request to SWT will also have the advantage of accessing Local Sites information which is not available through other sources due to the sensitivity of some of the data.

Data is provided in Excel format and accompanied by pdf maps from Telford and Wrekin Council. Click here to email them for a data request

Documents containing any part of the information provided by an enquiry must acknowledge the source as SEDN. Failure to do so may result in delays if the data is used in planning applications