Crayfish plague


Crayfish plague is threatening populations of native white-clawed crayfish in Redlake in Shropshire.

Crayfish Plague is a water mold (fungus) that is carried mainly by American Signal Crayfish. Spores of Crayfish Plague are very infectious and can easily be transferred from infected waters by people and animals. This disease has wiped out many native populations leaving remaining natives increasingly vulnerable.

Crayfish Plague has no implications for human or other animal health.

A recent article on the BBC news highlighted the issue.

What can you do?

Follow these simple steps to help curb the spread of Crayfish Plague:

  • Clean off any mud or vegetation and remove any standing water.
  • Either thoroughly dry the equipment, preferably in sunlight making sure all nooks and crannies are dry OR
  • Treat with a disinfectant capable of killing fungal spores.
  • If you or your dog goes into a stream, do not go into another stream on the same day.

This advice is provided by the Environment Agency. Please see the attached guides for further information.


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