A steep oak wood with numerous mosses and lichens


North-east of Knighton, right next to the A488
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6 hectares

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Footpath leading to the reserve. Contact the Trust for disabled access information.


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A footpath leads the sure-footed through this steep woodland, giving fine views across the valley. Ten species of fern, 35 kinds moss and a variety of lichens grow on and among the twisted, stunted oak trees. The western hemlocks are gradually being removed.

Look out in summer for rock stonecrop, with its drooping head of tiny, star-like yellow flowers. Introduced to other parts of the country, it is truly native here and in other parts of the Shropshire/Wales border. Towards the lower edges of the wood the shape of old charcoal-making hearths are just visible. Beyond the reserve there are numerous footpaths and a circular walk can be enjoyed. Lurkenhope Wood was given to Shropshire Wildlife Trust by Dennis Nisbet, a passionate defender of open access.  

Directions: The wood is north-east of Knighton, next to the A488, marked Coed Detton on the OS map. Park carefully, there is a lay-by next to the cottage.  

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