Free bird feeding kits available

Shropshire Wildlife Trust is offering bird feeding kits to give to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic this autumn.

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, individuals can apply for a kit, a bag of bird seed and a feeder, which will then be delivered to your door. Recipients can also request volunteer help to keep them topped up. 

People who are elderly, vulnerable or have been shielding; individuals living on their own and families with young children are all eligible. We would also like to hear from organisations that could help distribute feeders to those that may benefit, for example care providers. Feedback is being gathered to assess the impact of the project.

Bird feeder starling

Starling on bird feeder (c) Ben Hall/2020VISION

This scheme is part of the Trust’s Feed the Birds project, also funded by lottery players, which involves training volunteers to visit people who are experiencing social isolation, to install and refill bird food containers and chat about garden wildlife.  The project is also embarking on a partnership with Royal Shrewsbury Hospital which will see bird feeders installed in the hospital gardens to bring patients closer to nature.

‘The pandemic has shown us how valuable nature is for mental health and wellbeing,’ says Feed the Birds project officer Diane Monether.  Even when we are confined to our homes we can still enjoy the pleasure of wildlife through bird watching. As we head into the colder months when food is harder to find, garden birds like blue tits and robins rely on our garden feeders to build up fat reserves to survive winter.

Robin on branch - Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence

If you or someone you know would benefit from a free bird feeding kit then please get in touch by calling 01743 284 280 or emailing: 

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