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Dolgoch Quarry

An abandoned limestone quarry with wonderful wildflowers

One of a string of abandoned limestone quarries in the area, Dolgoch on a sunny summer’s day is a delight. A profusion of wild flowers grow on the limestone quarry floor, including yellow-wort, with its waxy, grey leaves, the upper ones cupped around the stem and star-like yellow flowers that shut in the afternoon. On the rock faces, look out for viper’s bugloss, with its bristly spikes of cobalt blue flowers.

There are two ponds here, providing homes for frogs, toads, newts, damselflies and dragonflies. The rocks are interesting too; within the limestone strata you may see fossils of sea creatures such as corals and shellfish that lived when this landmass that was to become England lay in a shallow sub-tropical sea. Look out for the oyster-like fossil shells of Gigantoproductus giganteus, 150mm across and, as its names suggests, the giant of its day.

Park in the lay-by just west of Llynclys crossroads on the A495; cross over and follow the path between the houses. Carry on through a muddy area into woodland. Continue uphill past a waymark post and take the 2nd fork to the left, going up steeply. When you come into an opening look out for a path to your right. Carry on between boulders placed to prevent motorcycles. The path is often wet and muddy.

Species and habitats

Grassland, Wetland

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West of Llynclys crossroads
SY10 8LN
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SJ 277 247
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Apr - Aug
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2.62 hectares

Footpath leading to the reserve. Contact the Trust for disabled access information.
Park in the lay-by just west of Llynclys crossroads on A495 then follow the footpath opposite Turner's Lane for a short walk through woodland to the reserve.
Dogs allowed
Reserve manager
Shropshire Wildlife Trust
Tel: 01743 284280


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