Shropshire Wildlife Consultancy

Shropshire Wildlife Consultancy

Shropshire Wildlife Consultancy provides an independent professional ecological service, encompassing all disciplines of ecology, conservation and biodiversity. We operate throughout the UK while maintaining a local focus within the Midlands and Marches region.

We offer a competitive pragmatic solution based service that includes ecological and arboricultural surveys and assessments, mitigation and ecological management plans, BREEAM/CSH assessments, Ecological Impact Assessments, environmental planning and management to the business and development sector, local authorities, public utilities, Natural England and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as individual clients.

Shropshire Wildlife Consultancy is a business partnership with Worcestershire Wildlife Consultancy (providing ecological services since 1988) and with Radnorshire Wildlife Services Ltd. (providing ecological services since 2006). Profits of the consultancy are donated to Shropshire Wildlife Trust and used to support its charitable work throughout the county.

Thus by employing the expertise of Shropshire Wildlife Consultancy you are supporting wildlife conservation directly and effectively.

The ecological consultancy operates a quality management system in accordance with the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001:2008. Our professional staff are trained to a high level of ecological expertise and are full members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).Our main office is located in Shrewsbury enabling us to work throughout the County and the surrounding Midlands/Marches region. This central location also allows us to access and work in all parts of the UK with ease.

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