Wildlings Terms and Conditions

Following feedback we now only accept block bookings for Wildlings.

Booking onto sessions

You must book for a block of 6 sessions for a total of £30 (plus a booking fee of 50p) online.

You can only book one 6-week block at a time but can do so at any time and your 6 sessions can be used from that point.

You may claim these sessions at any time throughout Shropshire Council school term-time. For example, you can claim your sessions from February until July and from September to December.

The session leader will keep a card with your name and the date of your first session on. They will update the card with your attendance at every session that you attend.

Once you have used up all of your 6 sessions you can book another block of 6 at any time for a total of £30 (plus a booking fee of 50p) so long as the sessions and bookings are on the website.

Please note that the sessions run during Shropshire term-times only and do not run through school holidays. Exact start and end dates will be subject to the decided Shropshire school weeks by Shropshire Council.

By booking the 6 sessions you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Child supervision

Shropshire Wildlife Trust provides a fully trained staff member to deliver Wildlings and all activities but does not supply child supervision. It is the sole responsibility of the adult booking onto the session to provide adult supervision for the child throughout the Wildlings session.