Sitting out the storm

This winter has been a stormy one and one of the wettest on record.

Storms have a habit of arriving just in time for the weekend. We spend all week working hard and looking forward to getting outdoors for a walk in the sun, only to check the forecast and see that the Met Office advise us to stay in. But, that doesn't mean you have to be bored if you are stuck indoors all day...and you can still do your bit for wildlife too. There are plenty of things to do when the weather is bad!


You might notice that even in the windiest of weather, some bird species such as gulls and crows still appear to fly effortless around in search of food. Gulls have long, narrow wings that allow them to glide in the roughest of conditions, having adapted to a life along coastlines and out at sea. Other species like falcons also have narrow wings to make flight in harsh conditions easier. These adaptations allow those species to continue to find something to eat even in the harshest of weather.

Blue tit and Linnet - Gillian Day

Gillian Day

But our smaller birds, including many garden species, are not equipped to deal with extreme weather and often have to sit out the storms. This means hours (or sometimes days) without being able to forage for food. And the best way to prepare for a storm is to eat as much as they can before the worst weather sets in. Making sure there is plenty of food out in the garden for the local blackbirds, robins and tits is a great way to help out our feathered friends. And while they are tucked away for a few hours and unlikely to be using your bird feeders, you could also take the opportunity to bring the feeders and nest boxes in for a good clean.


If you are running out of ideas to keep the kids busy, then there are loads of indoor activity ideas on the Wildlife Watch website. We have also put a few below for you to download. 

Mask children

Emma Websdale

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