Love and look after it

Earls & Pontesford Hill Nature Reserve

Along with other Wildlife Trusts across the country we are asking the public to love and look after wildlife and wild places.

The easing of lockdown coinciding with the warm weather has resulted in hundreds of people visiting our green spaces and beautiful countryside to find solace in nature.

However, as a result we are noticing an increase in damage at not just our sites, but across green spaces in general, this includes: 

Earls Hill dog poo rubbish

Earls & Pontesford Hill Nature Reserve

  •  Pontesford and Earls Hill Nature Reserve has had a noticeable increase of dog fouling and abandoned dog poo bags across the site.
  • We have reports of hand gloves and sanitiser wipes being left by gates at The Ercall, near The Wrekin, plus damage to the locks on the gates. 
Fire damage
  • Our Reserves staff have had to ask several groups of people to put out BBQ's and campfires, with some visitors responding abusively. We know the damage fires can cause when they get out of control, particularly in  the hot weather. 
  • We have had several reports of rock climbers using routes they aren't allowed on, disturbing nesting peregrines. Guidance on which climbing routes are currently open can be found here: 
  • An increase in littering is seen regularly on public sites, riverbanks and road verges, particularly since easing of lockdown restrictions.

Craig Bennett CEO of The Wildlife Trusts says:

"These wonderful wild places are vital local havens for people to enjoy with family and friends, to walk, rest and see nature. Our natural heritage is priceless and so important for us all – for our health and happiness – but it is fragile.

“We’re appealing to everyone to love and look after it. Everyone is welcome but please respect our wild places, other visitors and our staff"

Please can we remind all visitors to love and look after wildlife and wild places:

  •  Avoid BBQs and fires
  •  Take all your litter home
  • Keep dogs on leads (check whether they're allowed on-site) and either pick up dog mess or stick and flick poo off the paths. Please don't leave poo bags to 'collect later'
  • Park considerately
  • Avoid trampling sensitive wildflower meadows
  • Smile at our staff if you see them out and about– we’re here to help you enjoy your visit!