Love Your River

Protecting our water resources

Love your River

The county of Shropshire has over 3,846 miles of water course from the tiniest of brooks to the mighty Magnificent Severn. This arterial network supplies our drinking water and supports an incredibly diverse range of wildlife.

Maintaining river health comes with many challenges such as dirty road run off, chemical pollution, litter, sewer misconnections, plastics, habitat loss, invasive species, industry and development. 

What can you do?

Befriend your local river, stream or brook. Undetected water pollution harms river wildlife. No matter what the size of your special watercourse it needs your protection.

Using our downloadable resources will help you to understand and identify water pollution and take timely action. 

Get in touch!

For further advice and support Contact us on our dedicated Shropshire Rivers Hub enquiry line. We are also keen to hear about your river wildlife sightings.