Darwin's Childhood Garden

This steep patch of woodland was once part of the garden at The Mount, where Charles Darwin grew up in the early 1800s. Time spent here, with nothing but the sound of the river and birds, provides a real connection to the young scientist; it was here that he developed a passionate interest in the natural world. His recollections of the garden were of freedom and time to explore, somewhere he could play, watch and collect from the world around him.


This peaceful riverside refuge has not changed much since Darwin's childhood. Kingfishers fly past, woodpeckers nest in the hollow trees and otters swim by. Willow, hazel, oak and sweet chestnut, purple loosestrife, water mint, wild currants and raspberries can be found.

The Darwin family may have planted some of the trees on the bank in the 19th century, and Charles may have carried out some early experiments in this garden.

The riverside path used to be known as the wild strawberry walk until a century ago. Wild strawberry plants have recently been planted here again to recreate this feature.

Our plan

Darwin's gardenWe hope to make a wild garden that Shrewsbury can be proud of. A new community group supported by a team of Young Darwins is working on the restoration project.

As the project develops over the next few years, look out for events and activities for all ages.

You can follow our progress on Facebook: Darwins Childhood Garden or contact Shropshire Wildlife Trust for more information.

Plans for 2016

Here's a few snippets of events planned for 2016, just to whet your appetite!

  • Darwin Festival 12th-14th Feb 2016, guided walks, talks and celebrity speakers.
  • Run 5k in a Darwin beard to raise money for the Wildlife Trust! (13th Feb Park Run).
  • A Darwin Garden Study Day on 22nd March 2016- a joint venture between the Wildlife Trust and University Centre Shrewsbury.
  • And of course more bonfires, clearance and planting.


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